Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt Point to Point-Vale Country Fair with Point to Point

Point to Point

Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt Point to Point

Sunday, 14th April 2019

The sport of steeplechasing started over 250 years ago and was originated by hunting men who raced their hunters over natural country from “Point-to-Point” or from one steeple to the next as by keeping the steeple of the church in sight riders could see their finishing point. During the 19th century, steeplechasing became more sophisticated with enclosed courses, and the sport has continued to evolve and improve into what it is today.

The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt Point to Point has 7 races, starting from 2.00pm .and is a day aimed at novice riders, which means the jockey cannot have ridden more than 3 winners.  The exceptions to this are the Members Race and the Maiden that are open to all jockeys. Whethercoming as a spectator or take part the CVFH Point to Point is not one to be missed! 


                                                    Maisemore Park Course  

                                   First Race                    

                                   Course Length:             

                                   Total Fences